The English Jungle

This series of paintings is current and ongoing and will include works in both acrylic and watercolour. It investigates the idea of a ‘managed’ English landscape and environment, from idyllic woods to humble houseplants, by focusing on the ‘wild’ aspects of the greenery that we attempt to control and aestheticise.

The Darkened Path, by Annabel Carington (2019)
The Darkened Path (acrylic on canvas), 40 x 40cm. ©Annabel Carington, 2019.
The Structure of Trees (2019) by Annabel Carington
The Structure of Trees (acrylic on canvas), 20 x 20 cm. ©Annabel Carington, 2019.
The Weir (Feb 2019)
The Weir (acrylic on board) 30 x 21 cm. ©Annabel Carington, 2019.
Summer in the Woods
Summer in the Woods (acrylic on canvas), 30 x 30 cm. ©Annabel Carington, 2019.
The Midnight Trees
The Midnight Trees (acrylic on canvas), 20 x 20cm. ©Annabel Carington, 2019.
Boscage, by Annabel Carington
Boscage (acrylic on canvas), 20 x 20cm. ©Annabel Carington, 2019.